Our 2020 Summit was rescheduled due to COVID, a pause that prompted us to consider alternative methods of gathering. Although Loaded Bow has lived offline for a decade, these unprecedented circumstances have spurred us to create a new platform to serve as an interim community space. Our time together requires trust and openness, and we strive to create a safe environment through our Community Agreements

We explore big ideas through shared experiences, stories and ideas. Our themes launch wide-ranging conversations and collaborations that allow us to connect with one another and with ourselves. Concepts of narrative, pleasure, exchange, and lineage have grounded dialogue on risk, adventure, faith, and grief.

Until we’re on the other side of COVID, we’ll be diving into this experiment and gathering in digital spaces. The shape and structure of our events will be different, but we look forward to the same spirit of openness and adventure this community carries with them. You are, after all, the magic that makes this possible— in the desert, on the internet, wherever we may be. 





July 28, 2020

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