community values

01 We are community. We stand in horseshoes instead of circles to leave space to welcome others’ voices, stories and bodies

02 We value critical connections over critical mass. We believe in intimacy over crowds

03 We move at the speed of trust. It is not always fast, but it is together

04 We value progress over perfection. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We keep going

05 We value curiosity, active learning, and deep listening. We welcome critique with humility and without dispute

06 We reckon with the past to build the future. We acknowledge the histories, injustices and sacrifices of place and people that have brought us to where we are. We value and practice anti-racism and anti-colonialism

07 We celebrate and amplify joy

community agreements

01 We maintain confidentiality. What is said here stays, what is learned here leaves

02 What we permit, we promote. Discriminatory, harmful and hurtful behaviour will not be tolerated. We acknowledge that intention matters, because we don’t want to spend time with jerks, but impact matters more

03 We prioritize the safety of folks of Indigenous and racialized communities through protocol, program design, language, and centering of voices and power

04 We ask our members to commit to an active anti-racism and decolonization practice and ask white folks in particular to explore these resources from Black and Indigenous leaders

05 Our diversity includes expansive experiences of gender. We mind our pronouns and avoid assumptions

06 We expect it to be messy at times. We choose to make room for conversations that can be difficult, and we recognize that this is not a neutral space, that the risks and wounds we carry with us are not equal

07 We remember that conversation is the natural way that humans think together and that learning can be uncomfortable

08 We stay curious about each other. We acknowledge that curiosity nor understanding should be conflated with agreement

09 We give ourselves permission to change our minds 

10 We avoid speaking unkindly of ourselves, as it can also result in unintentionally harming others

11 We ask for consent before offering resources or support

online engagement practices

01 We’re on the interweb! Please arrive early and take a minute to prepare by testing your camera, mic and speakers. Reach out early if you have questions or challenges about using Zoom

02 We honour our commitments. Our facilitators have put a lot of work into their sessions, and we ask that we do your best to follow through if you register to attend out of respect for their efforts

03 We take care of ourselves. We know life happens, especially when we’re spending so much time at home. If you need to take a break or attend to an urgent task, please go ahead

04 We make space for everyone to participate. In the absence of body language and other cues, it can be easy to talk over one another or interrupt. Be patient and thoughtful (and keep yourself on mute when not speaking!). Follow the lead of the facilitator and host on how they’d like us to engage 

05 We assume positive intent. We’re all doing our best during these strange times. Approach one another with generosity and understanding 

accountability process

01 Those who perpetrate harm through discriminatory behaviour or violate the Community Agreements will be held accountable 

02 If a community agreement has been violated, or you have another concern, please bring it to our attention. Workshop hosts can be contacted directly in real time IRL or on Zoom, and The Advisory Board can be contacted at any time here

03 We acknowledge that people are at different stages in their learning. We believe that accountability in community includes helping people to understand the harm they cause and why their behaviour is problematic. We are committed to facilitating this process

04 Should the person take responsibility, express understanding and remorse for their transgression, and commit to doing better, they may return to future events with the consent of involved parties