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Read our 2023 COMMUNITY REPORT here.

Read our 2022 COMMUNITY REPORT here.

Read our 2019 COMMUNITY REPORT here.


01  Convene and create under the guidance and leadership of our Advisory Board (78% BIPOC, 56% LGBTQ+) 

02  Center Black and Indigenous voices through our facilitators, speakers, artists and guests

03  Engage in economic reparation and build accessibility through the growth of our extensive scholarship and subsidy program 

04  Include and prioritize intersectional anti-racism and decolonial content

05  Center and honour our Community Agreements, including the expectation that community members understand their role and commit to the safety of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ members

06 Provide mechanisms for accountability, including anonymous reporting, to deliver feedback to multiple folks in Loaded Bow leadership regarding any concerns or incidents


01  An online feedback and accountability channel to convey feedback directly to the Advisory Board (below). We commit to launching this, in conjunction with the site, by July 2020 (COMPLETED)

02  A closed communication loop in response to feedback. We will communicate the actions taken and changes made back to involved parties to reinforce both transparency and accountability. This will be effective immediately (ONGOING)

03  The registration of Loaded Bow as a legal non-profit. This will further strengthen our transparency and accountability, and will significantly improve our ability to be able to support guests financially (BY DECEMBER 2024)

You have an open invitation to engage in conversation with us at any time about the details and nuances of our commitments. We take feedback very seriously, and we are responsive with action.

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